Multicultural Marketing in today’s world

The United States is changing demographics on a yearly basis.   The following chart from ljhsmbrown.pbworks depicts the percentage of different ethnic groups.


Companies must began to research the different ethnic groups and plan to appeal to the needs of the new consumer.  The following guidelines can assist for the beginning stages of implementing a successful marketing plan.

  1. Research – The company’s market researching team will utilize demographic, psychographic and ethnographic information to educate themselves about the specific ethnic groups.  Once the information is compiled into a report, other members of the marketing team will begin the process of creating a new marketing campaign.
  2. Action – The marketing and public relations team will continue the process of appealing to ethnic groups.  Once the theme of the campaign has been approved, the graphic designers, copy writers, and other creative members of the team will begin to create a  creative statement and a profile of the target market.
  3. Implementation – The final step in the multicultural campaign is to market the product on emerging media.  The avenues will be Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

The buzz of the product in the communities should positively affect the sales of the merchandise.

As Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) professionals, we will not use stereotypes and assumptions in the campaign.  Each member of the target market has the same unique needs and wants of other ethnic groups.



Marketing Departments – 21st Century

This is the post excerpt.

The ocean waves are constant in the world with low and high tides every day.  Like the ocean waves, word-of-mouth has been an essential tool to inform friends and families about a new product or service of a company.  The 21st century has given marketing departments a new method to target key demographic and psychographic groups which is social media.  Social media is used by Rodan and Fields to Beachbody to Alex and Ani.  Each of the preceding companies rely of their consumers to inform others about the product and how the product can improve their lives.  The following blog will attempt to explain the usefulness of social media but also the negative aspects of emerging media.