Dear Carol 2015

Dear Carol,

This letter is written by your future self as you are completing IMC 619 Emerging Media.  On November 25, 2016, you are nine credits away from receiving your Master degree.  the last 11 months were a life lesson.  Here are some of the things you learned.

  1.  Time management -Some of the weekly writing assignments took a little longer to write than others.   Your tablet and cell phone are useful tools while you are at work.  Lunch time is an excellent time to Google certain ideas or get information for your papers.
  2. Life – Life has a way of interfering with school work.  As Dad became sicker, there was less time to complete the work.  However, a deadline was never missed;  you found a way to complete the assignments.   Some of the completed assignment were not up to your standards but use them as a learning experience.
  3. Friends – My one regret was not spending enough time with friends.  When we did spend time together, you became refreshed and refocused.
  4. Panic – DO NOT PANIC!  The lessons will make sense as the week go on and the assignments will get completed.
  5. Regrets – In spite of school and life issues, you never regretted the choice to attend WVU IMC Master degree program.  You learned that you are excellent in certain aspects of the IMC program.  The knowledge will be indispensable in your future career.

Have fun and breath.


Carol 2016

2 thoughts on “Dear Carol 2015”

    1. Carol,

      Thanks for sharing this. You really read into my life and I just had to respond. Good luck on your journey and this has really inspired me. I have had the same thoughts you’ve had, so it makes me feel good knowing that I’m not the only one. You’re almost to the finish line, hang in there.


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