@Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving is a time when people give thanks for their friends,family, and life blessings.  As I reflect on this past year, I realize that I still have a lot to be grateful for even after the death of my father.  My brother and I grew closer together during our Dad’s illness.  Siblings can understand the sense of loss after losing a parent (s).  Friends are another blessing during difficult times.  I have been fortunate in my friendships. My friends can hug me when I need it or yell at me.

As a future IMC professional , I want to inform my clients of appreciating their customers throughout the year.  Without our customers, our businesses will be closed.  From Labor Day to New Year’s Day, businesses can inform their key target markets (publics) how important they are.  Social media can be an essential tool for companies to reach their target markets.  Companies could hold contests or even just say thank you for their customers’ loyalty throughout the years.  The sale prices on Black Friday does not truly show the full appreciation for the company’s customer base.  The two little words “thank you” can become the cornerstone of the business community.

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