#Believe Always

#Believe Always is the slogan of The Greg and Cathy Griffith Family Foundation based in Hollidaysburg, PA.  The foundation raises funds and awareness for pancreatic cancer.  In February 2010, Greg was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and was given a short time to live.  Greg, with the support of Cathy, his wife, and the local Hollidaysburg community  became one entity in the fight against pancreatic cancer.  Instead of waiting to die, Greg lived his life to the fullest by doing what he did best:  assisting those in need.  Two of Greg and Cathy’s closest friends suggested to have a dinner and silent auction to raise funds for pancreatic cancer research.

The dinner has continued throughout the years.  However, the name of the dinner is now Sideline Cancer.  Sideline Cancer was the brain child of students at Hollidaysburg Area Senior High School.  The very first event was held at a home football game.  Sideline Cancer is now in other high schools, colleges and universities, and middle school.  Today’s youth is empowered to become involved in the local community by volunteering at the Sideline Cancer events.  The student body chooses the design of the shirts, as long as Sideline Cancer is mentioned.

To learn more about the Foundation and the wonderful work that Cathy does, go to https://griffithfamilyfoundation.org/sideline-cancer

One thought on “#Believe Always”

  1. Carol, I had never heard of this but it is great and inspiring idea. It’s ideas and programs like this that not only inspire people with certain diseases but it also inspires survivors and makes coping with things like this much easier.


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