Nursing Homes and Social Media


Nursing homes including independent, assisted, and skilled nursing facilities, are governed by local, state, and federal organizations.  One of the laws that is essential in the nursing home industry is HIPPA, the health privacy law.  Nursing home employees are forbidden to discuss or post information about their residents.   As social media becomes an essential part of our lives, nursing homes should embrace the idea of social media to attract residents to their home.  The social media marketing manager can use their knowledge of emerging media and HIPPA to successfully attract residents.

Facebook – The nursing home could have a page that announces special events at the home.  When potential customers use either written or voice search, the Facebook page will show the events and daily resident activities.

Pinterest – The facility could have different boards reflecting the interests and activities residents and staff.  Since I am located in Penn State and Pitt country, one of the board could be college football teams.  Also, there could be boards that reflect residents’ Christmas decorations.  The connection between the past and present can bridge the generation gap and form lasting relationships between the staff and residents.

Social media as become a necessity in today’s business world and should be utilized by the nursing home industry.

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