Marketing Departments – 21st Century

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The ocean waves are constant in the world with low and high tides every day.  Like the ocean waves, word-of-mouth has been an essential tool to inform friends and families about a new product or service of a company.  The 21st century has given marketing departments a new method to target key demographic and psychographic groups which is social media.  Social media is used by Rodan and Fields to Beachbody to Alex and Ani.  Each of the preceding companies rely of their consumers to inform others about the product and how the product can improve their lives.  The following blog will attempt to explain the usefulness of social media but also the negative aspects of emerging media.



Dear Carol 2015

Dear Carol,

This letter is written by your future self as you are completing IMC 619 Emerging Media.  On November 25, 2016, you are nine credits away from receiving your Master degree.  the last 11 months were a life lesson.  Here are some of the things you learned.

  1.  Time management -Some of the weekly writing assignments took a little longer to write than others.   Your tablet and cell phone are useful tools while you are at work.  Lunch time is an excellent time to Google certain ideas or get information for your papers.
  2. Life – Life has a way of interfering with school work.  As Dad became sicker, there was less time to complete the work.  However, a deadline was never missed;  you found a way to complete the assignments.   Some of the completed assignment were not up to your standards but use them as a learning experience.
  3. Friends – My one regret was not spending enough time with friends.  When we did spend time together, you became refreshed and refocused.
  4. Panic – DO NOT PANIC!  The lessons will make sense as the week go on and the assignments will get completed.
  5. Regrets – In spite of school and life issues, you never regretted the choice to attend WVU IMC Master degree program.  You learned that you are excellent in certain aspects of the IMC program.  The knowledge will be indispensable in your future career.

Have fun and breath.


Carol 2016

#Believe Always

#Believe Always is the slogan of The Greg and Cathy Griffith Family Foundation based in Hollidaysburg, PA.  The foundation raises funds and awareness for pancreatic cancer.  In February 2010, Greg was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and was given a short time to live.  Greg, with the support of Cathy, his wife, and the local Hollidaysburg community  became one entity in the fight against pancreatic cancer.  Instead of waiting to die, Greg lived his life to the fullest by doing what he did best:  assisting those in need.  Two of Greg and Cathy’s closest friends suggested to have a dinner and silent auction to raise funds for pancreatic cancer research.

The dinner has continued throughout the years.  However, the name of the dinner is now Sideline Cancer.  Sideline Cancer was the brain child of students at Hollidaysburg Area Senior High School.  The very first event was held at a home football game.  Sideline Cancer is now in other high schools, colleges and universities, and middle school.  Today’s youth is empowered to become involved in the local community by volunteering at the Sideline Cancer events.  The student body chooses the design of the shirts, as long as Sideline Cancer is mentioned.

To learn more about the Foundation and the wonderful work that Cathy does, go to https://griffithfamilyfoundation.org/sideline-cancer

@Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving is a time when people give thanks for their friends,family, and life blessings.  As I reflect on this past year, I realize that I still have a lot to be grateful for even after the death of my father.  My brother and I grew closer together during our Dad’s illness.  Siblings can understand the sense of loss after losing a parent (s).  Friends are another blessing during difficult times.  I have been fortunate in my friendships. My friends can hug me when I need it or yell at me.

As a future IMC professional , I want to inform my clients of appreciating their customers throughout the year.  Without our customers, our businesses will be closed.  From Labor Day to New Year’s Day, businesses can inform their key target markets (publics) how important they are.  Social media can be an essential tool for companies to reach their target markets.  Companies could hold contests or even just say thank you for their customers’ loyalty throughout the years.  The sale prices on Black Friday does not truly show the full appreciation for the company’s customer base.  The two little words “thank you” can become the cornerstone of the business community.

Nursing Homes and Social Media


Nursing homes including independent, assisted, and skilled nursing facilities, are governed by local, state, and federal organizations.  One of the laws that is essential in the nursing home industry is HIPPA, the health privacy law.  Nursing home employees are forbidden to discuss or post information about their residents.   As social media becomes an essential part of our lives, nursing homes should embrace the idea of social media to attract residents to their home.  The social media marketing manager can use their knowledge of emerging media and HIPPA to successfully attract residents.

Facebook – The nursing home could have a page that announces special events at the home.  When potential customers use either written or voice search, the Facebook page will show the events and daily resident activities.

Pinterest – The facility could have different boards reflecting the interests and activities residents and staff.  Since I am located in Penn State and Pitt country, one of the board could be college football teams.  Also, there could be boards that reflect residents’ Christmas decorations.  The connection between the past and present can bridge the generation gap and form lasting relationships between the staff and residents.

Social media as become a necessity in today’s business world and should be utilized by the nursing home industry.

# Hate

Deplorable, racist, sexist, obese, and ugly were some of the words uttered during the 2016 presidential election.  As the campaign went on, both candidates were incapable to remain positive and on message.  Social media, including Facebook and Twitter, and main street media become partners in covering the election.  Both entities appeared to have their own biases  in reporting the news.

I am offering the following suggestions to avoid some of the concerns raised during and after the election.

  1.  Avoid labels – The main street media attempted to label the voters.  College-educated white women and men, rural, urban, religious, high-school graduates, and many others were some of the demographic and psychographic ideals used.  American are more then labels.  Main street media should begin a tour of America and talk to the voters.   The reporters will gain an education that will become very useful in the coverage of the 2020 election cycle.  A rural women who is Catholic and has a high-school diploma does not automatically make her a conservative or Republican.  A liberal or Democrat is not only a college-educated white male.
  2. Social media  – Facebook or the next version is an excellent place to have the difference of opinion and ideology meet.  Social media can expand the conversation by encouraging open dialogue.

My sincere hope for the 2020 election cycle is both candidates listen and act accordingly.  Although the candidates are from different political parties, they do want the best for America and its world partners.  The world is now connected by social media, business globalization, and the internet.  The world is watching us and Americans will continue to be a beckon of hope and dreams.  Finally, make America great again by being stronger together.

The following link depicts the similarity in all of us:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnDgZuGIhHs



Nursing Home Living – 2036

I want to introduce you to Beth Ann Stevens.  She is a 79 year old woman, widowed, and lives in an assisted living facility.  After the death of Beth Ann’s beloved husband, she made the decision to move from her home.  Beth Ann does have memory-impairment but is able to perform all of her activities of daily living.  As she wake up in the morning, Beth Ann’s alarm clock says “Good Morning” and the time.  Beth Ann walks into the bathroom and get washed.  She wants to take a shower and verbally tells the shower head the temperature she wants.  After the shower and drying off,  she then walks to her closet which asks Beth Ann her clothing choice for the day.  The closet then electronically gets the clothes.  After getting dressed, Beth Ann  walks into the dining room for breakfast.  The dining services staff gave Beth Ann a tablet that listed her favorite breakfast foods and beverages.  Beth Ann placed her order which was then sent into the kitchen and was received within minutes.  After a long day of activities, Beth Ann and her high school friends met in Beth Ann’s room.  The refrigerator was stocked with Beth Ann’s choice of adult beverages.

The previous story highlighted Internet of Things and Enchanted Objects.  Internet of Things are everyday items connected to one another.  Beth Ann’s refrigerator and dining services computer are connected.  As Beth Ann and her friends remove the adult beverages from the refrigerator, dining services in notified and re-stocks the refrig when Beth Ann is out of the room.


BULLYING – 21st Century Style

Some of our children are bullied on a daily basis in school.  The bullying can began as early as elementary school and continue into high school.  In today’s cyber world, bullying by others now can be done on social media.  “You’re fat,” ugly as sin,” and “you are stupid” are some of the words that bullies use to destroy a person’s self-esteem, which is awful when the words are stated directly to a person’s face.  The anonymity of social media has the potential to cause others to bully the innocent person.

Facebook can bring people together but also can cause negative reactions.  When a child is perceived to be different, their peers can use social media to ostracized the child.  Most people, no matter the age, has the desire for acceptance in their peer group.  Parents, school officials, and other community members can become champions for all children whether they are being bullied or not.

Although the following chart was created in 2009, the information is still relevant today.  In 2016, there is SnapChat, Periscope, and Instagram which can be used to exclude our children from their peer group.


The following blog has important information to assist those who are thinking about suicide: https://inspiremesocially.wordpress.com/2016/10/25/suicide-prevention-and-social-media/comment-page-1/#comment-3

Multicultural Marketing in today’s world

The United States is changing demographics on a yearly basis.   The following chart from ljhsmbrown.pbworks depicts the percentage of different ethnic groups.


Companies must began to research the different ethnic groups and plan to appeal to the needs of the new consumer.  The following guidelines can assist for the beginning stages of implementing a successful marketing plan.

  1. Research – The company’s market researching team will utilize demographic, psychographic and ethnographic information to educate themselves about the specific ethnic groups.  Once the information is compiled into a report, other members of the marketing team will begin the process of creating a new marketing campaign.
  2. Action – The marketing and public relations team will continue the process of appealing to ethnic groups.  Once the theme of the campaign has been approved, the graphic designers, copy writers, and other creative members of the team will begin to create a  creative statement and a profile of the target market.
  3. Implementation – The final step in the multicultural campaign is to market the product on emerging media.  The avenues will be Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

The buzz of the product in the communities should positively affect the sales of the merchandise.

As Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) professionals, we will not use stereotypes and assumptions in the campaign.  Each member of the target market has the same unique needs and wants of other ethnic groups.